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Dicefreaks Divine beings

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2007 1:42 p    Post subject: Dicefreaks Divine beings Reply with quote

This is reworked stuff from Dice Freaks - it looks as if they have reworked it more and simplified it some. I rather like it Smile
Gods: The following changes are made from Deities and Demigods. Greater deities do not maximize every roll. Intermediate deities do not get auto-20s. All effects that read “unless the deity is a higher divine rank” call instead for an opposed rank check to determine success.

Gods are built using Gestalt rules in addition to divine rules. They do not possess outsider hit dice.

1/2 DvR+Con modifier for base natural armor
10+DvR+HD for Spell resistance.
2 xDvR for energy resistance, rounded to the nearest 5.
HD+DvR for SLA caster level.
10+DvR+Cha+spell level for SLA DC

Gods are assumed to have Alter Reality (DDg version, not DF) for free. They may only use it in accordance with their portfolio. They are assumed to have Alter Size and Form for free as well.

Godly avatars are identical to the deity with DvR 0.

When creating magic items by virtue of their godhood rather than magic, gods have an effective caster level equal to their HD + DvR.

Basic Rules:
Base Attack vs Epic Attack: Base attack continues as normal for both classes and racial HD. Attacks are capped at 4.

Base saves vs Epic Saves: Epic saves for class HD over 20th level. Racial saves continue as normal.*

*Possibly will be changing this to use epic saves past 20 HD.

Damage Reduction: Certain damage reductions require a higher enhancement bonus than +1 or +6. If you do not want to use this variant, ignore the prefix. For the purpose of penetrating damage reduction, a bane weapon does increase the enhancement by +2 and a dread weapon increases the enhancement by +4. Using the power of a defending weapon does not change a weapon’s enhancement for the purpose of damage reduction.

Magic: +1
Greater Magic: +3
High Magic: +5
Epic: +6
Greater Epic: +8
High Epic: +10

Certain damage reduction also requires a more powerful enchantment than ‘holy’ or the other +2 alignment enchantments. This is noted by the prefix ‘major’. A weapon with the +7 enchantment ‘alignment power’ is required to penetrate such damage reduction. In addition, a caster using align weapon at 30th level or higher can cause a weapon to penetrate major alignment damage reduction. A creature of 30 HD or more whose weapons are treated as a particular alignment for overcoming damage reduction also penetrates major alignment damage reduction.

Energy Resistance: Applies per attack, not per round.

Regeneration: If an effect is treated in a particular manner for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction, it is also treated in that manner for the purpose of overcoming regeneration.

Holy Word: Holy word, blasphemy and related spells offer a save to higher level characters. Creatures of 21st level and higher can make a Will save against the ‘killed’ effect. Creatures of 26th level and higher can save against the paralyzed effect. Creatures of 31st level and higher can save against the blinded (secondary) effect. Creatures of 36th level and higher can save against the deafened (initial) effect. The save is calculated as normal for a 7th level spell.

Spell-like Abilities: While spell-like abilities (and psi-like abilities) do not require material components, focuses or XP costs, optional XP costs are required to be paid. For instance, miracle does not require an XP cost when used at a base power level. If the creature uses the miracle at the higher power level, it must pay the 5000 XP as normal. If the creature uses wish as a spell-like ability to make a magic item, it must pay the ‘twice the normal XP cost’ portion of the XP. This applies only to creatures who naturally have spell-like abilities and does not override any rules about creatures who artificially gain spell-like abilities.

Corrupt/Sanctified Spell-like abilities: A creature with an innate spell-like ability that is a corrupt spell or sanctified spell does not pay the corruption/purity costs.

Epic Spell-like Abilities: A creature takes no backlash damage, pays no XP and requires no ritual casters for Epic Spell-like Abilities. That said, designers should consider the power level of the epic spell without mitigation before allowing them an epic spell as a spell-like ability.

Enhancement bonuses/magic items: No caps exist on creating magical items. A character can only benefit from an enhancement bonus equal to or less than their own ability score. Example: Algor the barbarian has a 20 strength. He can use a belt of giant strength +24 but will only gain a +20 enhancement from it (bringing his total Strength to 40).

Contested Rulings:

Billions (or even thousands) of damage vs Common Sense: Common sense. The gods will send allexi to deal with these things. All the gods. At the same time.

Fortification vs Vorpal: Fortification does not stop special abilities activated on a critical hit or natural 20 (such as vorpal or flaming burst) from activating. Neither does immunity to critical hits.

Invulnerability vs Common Sense: Common sense. No Mario Super Stars in Alternate world. If you aren’t in some sort of danger, there is no challenge. If there is no challenge, there is no XP.

JD’s Divinity vs Common Sense: He became an immortal under his own mystic power. Sorry, haters. Been done before, could be done again.

Keen vs Improved Critical: they stack

Pelor vs Good Alignment: No one is certain, even in Alternate world.

Regeneration and Undead: Not possible, it functions as fast healing. Attacks that would penetrate the regeneration are not capable of being healed via the fast healing.

Super speed vs Crybabies: It doesn’t need to be balanced and PCs don’t need to get it.

Ward vs MDJ: A ward seed against mage’s disjunction nullifies the disjunction effect. No effect on the ward.

New/Revised Feats
Legendary Diehard [Epic]: You just won’t ****ing give up!
Prerequisites: Con 27+, Diehard, Epic Endurance, Endurance,
Benefit: Your death threshold is equal to your Constitution score plus your Hit Dice. In addition, strenuous actions while stabilized do not cause you to lose more hit points. You can make a Constitution check (DC = 20 + hit points under 0) to automatically stabilize yourself.

Epic Ability Focus [Epic]:
Benefit: You add +4 to the DC of one of your special attacks.
Special: You may take this feat more than once. Its effects do not stack; you must choose a different special ability each time.

Epic Toughness [Epic]:
Benefit: You gain additional hit points equal to twice your current Hit Dice. Each time you gain a Hit Dice, you gain 2 additional hit points. If you lose a Hit Die, you lose 2 hit points permanently.

Improved Whirlwind Attack [Epic]
Prerequisites: Whirlwind Attack, BaB 21+
Benefit: Making a whirlwind attack is a standard action.

Greater Whirlwind Attack [Epic]
Prerequisites: Whirlwind Attack, BaB 26+
Benefit: You may make two whirlwind attacks as a full round action.

[Metamagic] Spell-like Ability: 3/day a creature can apply the selected metamagic to his spell-like abilities. The creature can apply the selected metamagic to any combination of his spell-like abilities, but this does not allow him to cast a given spell-like more times per day than he would normally be able to do so.

Undead Special Qualities
Unholy Grace: The creature adds its Charisma modifier to its saves and as a deflection bonus to Armor Class
Unholy Power: The creature adds its Charisma modifier to its melee damage and as a bonus to the DCs of its spell-like, supernatural and extraordinary abilities. (If these abilities already add Charisma, the undead adds that modifier twice)
Unholy Toughness: The creature uses its Charisma modifier to determine bonus hit points instead of its Constitution modifier.

New/Revised Salient Divine Abilities

Salient Divine Abilities
Saves against salient divine abilities are calculated as follows. 20 + ½ deity’s HD + DvR + ability modifier.

Alter Reality
Prerequisite: Cha 29
Benefit: As a one round action, the deity can duplicate the effects of any spell of a level equal to 9 + DvR. The effects are extraordinary in nature and ignore spell resistance. Caster levels where applicable are equal to the deity’s DvR.
The deity can render a magical or supernatural effect permanent. This requires 10 minutes of rest per level of the effect times number of subjects effected, 10 minutes per total Hit Dice of creatures affected, or 10 minutes per 10 foot cube affected. (Use highest value)
The deity can create temporary, non-magical objects that last for one day per rank. These items can weigh no more than 50 pounds per divine rank nor have a volume exceeding 10 cubic feet per divine rank.
The deity can create temporary magic items or creatures that last one hour per rank. These items or creatures can weigh no more than 100 pounds per divine rank nor have a volume exceeding 20 cubic feet per divine rank. Creatures can have class levels equal to the deity’s divine rank or own class levels, which ever is higher. A deity creating creatures must rest for 10 minutes times CR times total HD created. A deity creating magic items must rest for 1 minute per 1000 gold pieces of value.
The deity can reshape a landscape, creating any type of terrain the deity can imagine. Each 10-foot cube of material to be reshaped requires 1 round of effort and the deity must rest for one day per 10-foot cube shaped after the work is completed.

Annihilating Strike
Prerequisite: Divine Rank 11, base attack bonus +20, Str 25
Benefit: Any creature taking damage from a deity’s weapon or natural weapon attacks must make a Fortitude save (DC 20 + ½ HD + DvR + Str modifier) or be immediately slain. This is not a death effect. A deity can also destroy a 10 foot cube of nonliving matter per divine rank with this ability. This ability requires a successful rank check to work against a divine or cosmic being.

Call Creatures
Prerequisite: None
Benefit: The kind of creature the deity can call is noted in the deity’s description. Each creature called can have no more Hit Dice than one half of the deity’s plus the deity’s divine rank, and the deity cannot have more creatures serving it at any given time than the deity has divine rank.

Destroy Weapons:
Prerequisite: Penetrable damage reduction
Benefit: Weapons that have their damage reduced by the deity’s penetrable damage reduction suffer that damage.

Divine Might:
Prerequisite: None
Benefit: When a creature that has an effect that allows it to ignore partial or half damage on a successful save saves against the deity’s attacks, the creature suffers minimum damage instead.

Divine Right:
Prerequisite: None
Benefit: The deity gains a save against no save effects. If the effect is a spell, the DC is 20 + spell level + modifiers. If the effect is supernatural or extraordinary, the DC is 20 + ½ HD + Con or Cha modifier. The DM determines the most appropriate save type for the effect.

Divine Toughness
Prerequisite: Con 35
Benefit: The deity gains a number of hit points equal to its divine rank x its hit dice.[/url]
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